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Instructional Design - Details of Effective Learning Week (RPBE)

RPBE is the details of the day - the day learning effective and day - day study was not effective in one year. RPBE The determination is based on the Academic C`lendar created by the Ministry of National Education.
In connection with the RPE, there are terms that are often used include:
a. name of the month
Name of the month is the same as the name of the month on the calendar, but the writing starts from the beginning of the semester is the semester 1 (July s / d in January) and semester 2 (February s / d in July).
b. Number of weeks
The number of weeks is the amount of matter of weeks (one semester) located on either public calendar that is used for teaching and learning and leisure travelers alike.
c. The number of weeks of effective
Effective number of weeks is the amount a matter of weeks (in atu semester) that is used to process / learning activities.
d. The number of hours of lessons effectively
The number of hours is the number of hours of effective learning lessons denagn minngu effectively multiplying the sum by the number of hours of lessons there in a week.
Here is an example calculation format effective and effective hour week based Academic Calendar:

Perhitungan Rincian Pekan Belajar Efektif dan Jam Efektif

Nama Bulan
Jumlah Pekan
Jumlah Pekan Efektif








Jumlah minggu tidak efektif pelajaran:
a. Ulangan Harian                                                  =
b. Ulangan Akhir Semester Kelas X dan XI          =
c. Remedial / Pengayaan                                       =
d. Persiapan dan Pembagian Rapor                       =
e. Cadangan                                                           =
Jumlah                                                                    =

Jumlah Pekan Efektif                                             =
Jumlah Jam Pelajaran Efektif                                 =   x 5 jam
                                                                                =   jam

                                                                 Jember, ................., 20...

                                                                  Guru Mata Pelajaran

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