Thursday, 8 March 2012

informal Conversation

Here are some of the most common informal contractions, with example sentences:
Ø  whatcha = what are you
·         Whatcha going to do?
Ø  whatcha = what have you
·         Whatcha got there?
Ø  ya = you
·         Who saw ya?

Ø  GIMME = give me
·         Gimme your money.
·         Don't gimme that rubbish.
·         Can you gimme a hand?
Ø  GONNA = going to
·         Nothing's gonna change my love for you.
·         I'm not gonna tell you.
·         What are you gonna do?
Ø  GOTTA = (have) got a
·         I've gotta gun.
·         I gotta gun.
·         She hasn't gotta penny.
· $26nbsp;       Have you gotta car?
Ø  GOTTA = (have) got to I've gotta go now.
·         I gotta go now.
·         We haven't gotta do that.
·         Have they gotta work?
Ø  INIT = isn't it
·         That's smart, init?
·         Init strange?
Ø  KINDA = kind of
·         She's kinda cute.
·         Are you kinda mad at me?
Ø  LEMME = let me
·         Lemme go!
·         He didn't lemme see it.
Ø  WANNA = want to
·         I wanna go home.
·         I don't wanna go.
·         Do you wanna watch TV?
Ø  WANNA = want a
·         I wanna coffee.
·         I don't wanna thing from you.
·         Do you wanna beer?

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